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Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's been a while.

Our son is having the time of his life in Bosnia. It looks like he'll be home in the Spring, as the EU is closing its base in Bosnia.

Our son figures he'll be working there again in 2 years...he's afraid that once the EU pulls out, hostilities will resume. Sadly, that was my impression too.

Ds went to a local boxing gym. His Serbian friends tried to talk him out of it, but ds insisted. As he put it later "A gym full of weighted gloves and guys who hate NATO. I shan't be going back."

He's nothing if he's not wise!

I do wonder at the formation we gave him. He actually attempted to attend Mass. He couldn't find the church. It turns out, he thought the Catholic Church was an Orthodox Church!

He made a rather astute comment, I thought, last night regarding peace and violence. I will find it and quote it later on!

God Bless


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