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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nine days to go. We're getting excited.

We now know that we'll be returning on December 9. Another detail down. That trip will be during the day and we splurged and bought premium class! I suspect that by the time we land, we'll be glad for that extravagence.

Coming home, I fully expect to have a walking baby. I think he's waiting to see Daddy before he makes his first steps...take THAT child development experts! At any rate, the bulkhead seats will be more comfortable, I'm sure.

We'll be homeschooling while we're there. We're going light, as I fully expect the girls to learn a lot by osmosis. Plus, who wants to use up all the luggage allowance with books?

So, we're taking English, Math and Religion with us. We'll learn Serbian over there (along with Landmine Awareness!) and I expect history will just come with the territory. Upon coming home, we'll rediscover Latin, Logic (okay, we'll make the attempt!) and science.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to mitigate the 12 hour stopover we'll have in London on the way's going to be VERY early in the morning after an over night flight. We will not be at our best, in all likelihood.

Wish us luck!

Oh...please remember the Afghani people who will be having their first election in 30 years this Sunday, the 18th. Send prayers up for them and for those international troops there to oversee this operation!

God Bless


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