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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, dh is back home. I am writing on a Serbian keyboard attached to a laptop as our computer has crashed.

I hope we can rescue our pictures!

DS is now in Banja Luka. He has, effectively, replaced my husband at his position!

We recieved a terse little email from him the day after his arrival, telling us he was there, and who was sending greetings.

But today we received a phone call. He sounds good, and says he is. He has discovered that there is more incompatibility than just electrical current between here and Europe!

The boy insisted on taking all his DVDs with him over there. And now he finds out they won't play on the apartments DVD player! Apparently we're area 1 and they're area 2 or something like that.

We're already packing a box to send to him. He forgot a couple of clothing items I think he'll miss. But I won't send the DVDs he forgot!

He's had a refresher as to how to drive a standard transmission (stickshift) car.

He also tells me that he didn't notice any war damage as he drove from the airport in Zagreb! He did see mine warnings though. I suspect he's just not sure what he's looking for.

It will be interesting to see what we saw through the eyes of a young man. I hope to keep you posted.

God Bless


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