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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hi again!

Well, Happy New Year!

Our party went well. The Serbian food was well received. The Chevapi was all gone and a good portion of the salad went, to.

It was fun.

Orthodox Christmas was celebrated last weekend, which roughly corresponds with Epiphany in the Gregorian Calendar. (The Orthodox Christian churches follow the older, Julian Calendar).

Dh was well fed by his landlady. He was invited for dinner on Saturday, and dinner was sent up to him on Sunday, Christmas Day.

The "Christmas Eve" dinner is traditionally vegetarian. Salmon was the main dish. There was also a potato and onion salad, a cold bean salad called "Spek". There was also latkes and a yorkshire pudding-like dish. It had Trappist cheese inside. Of course there was also rakija!

Christmas day supper was pork, and more potato salad.

Mostar has been the site of a major drug-bust this past week. Unfortunately, it degenerated into a shoot-out which resulted in the death of the dealer's wife and the paralysis of his son.

There was shooting into the air (a really dangerous practice the EUPM are trying to stop in the area!) to 'celebrate' the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

I find this absolutely ghastly. I don't think the society in Bosnia can be close to healing when this sort even can be celebrated by anybody.

And my dh was, with his coworkers, evacuated due to a bomb scare today. Dh says he first thought it was just overzealousness, but it turns out it wasn't...quite.

Sometime recently, it would seem (and I guess one would hope!) one of the locals, wanting to remain anonymous but responsible at the same time one presumes, pitched a plastic bag of Tito-era hand grenades over the compound fence, where they were found by cleaning staff today. They were dealt with without further incident. I suspect the area law enforcement is thankful that the grenades aren't still sitting in someone's shed!

Mir Vama!


Anonymous ronnett said...

my husband heard about a suicide bombing incident which resulted in the death of a civilian and he was concerned for your dh. I am thankful to God for your husband's continued good health and for the safe return of you and your children.

2:45 pm  

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