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Thursday, November 17, 2005

What I will and will not miss about Bosnia and Herzegovina…

What I will miss:

LOW prices on nearly everything!
Dairy products, especially the cheese.
Tasty chicken (everything is free-range here! No extra charge.)
Bus system…no, I’m not kidding.
Proximity to so much of Europe…
The colourful buildings, appliances, shopping carts
The wine
The pizza
My girls will definitely miss the shopping
Fr. Karlo

What I will not miss:

The corruption
The lack of quality control (but perhaps that is a result of the low prices!)
The sidewalks
The traffic
The manners (or lack thereof)
The very complex politics
Lack of electric clothes driers
Lack of highchairs in restaurants
WCs with ‘squat’ toilets!
The traffic…although I’m told it’s worse in Cairo…

Mir Vama!


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