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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Things I Miss about Canada: (in no particular order)

Clear air.
Unobstructed sidewalks.
Large coffee cups
My friends and family
English books
Daily Mass
Crossing signals that mean something
Cars with at least one headlight.
High chairs in restaurants
Canadian meat
Lower fat food (and I cannot believe I’m saying that!)
Law enforcement
Tenant privacy

Things I do NOT Miss about Canada

McDonald’s Restaurant
American News (no slight there. I don’t like EU news either!)
North American music videos (again, don’t like European ones either)
Canadian Beer (the offerings here are very good and very cheap)
Canadian Wine (ditto)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clean air, sidewalks, lots of these we just take for granted. It is good to remebered how lucky we are!
I am enjoying your Blog very much. Thanks for sharing.Your friends K and C from CR.

4:09 pm  
Blogger WICatholic said...

Cars with at least one headlight??

No headlights there?

5:39 am  
Blogger JDP said...


There are headlights and most cars have two. But some cars drive at night with NONE. The rear lights are on, so you know it's not just that they've been forgotten.

This would tie in with missing rule of law, I think!

9:22 am  

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