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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am so sorry about not being able to meet you on Wednesday. It was ‘one of those days’ and nothing much worked out.

We were slow getting across the border as they were doing a VERY thorough search of the car ahead of us.

We were a little later than we wanted to be getting into Zagreb, and then dh got a little lost…just a little. Once he found where he wanted to be, it took an hour to find parking.

Once we parked I tried to phone you while dh went to the bank to get Kuna (the Croatian currency). The phone didn’t seem to be working when I called you (it would have been around 11am). I tried several times and dh tried a couple of times, too. It would seem something got through at some point, because you got our number on your phone…and we later discovered that dh’s phone card had been debited for the calls!

We went to another bank, and dh’s card worked there…we have no idea why it didn’t work at the first one…

We went for lunch…this at least worked well. It was a nice lunch and they had a highchair for the baby, which seems to be so rare…at least in BiH! By the time we were finished, it was time to go back to the car and head for the airport.

It was just as we were leaving the restaurant that you called us. Your English is so good. Have you lived in North America? I was so surprised. It was nice to at least speak to you a bit.

When we got back to the car we started loading in the baby and ‘stuff’ (although we didn’t get to do ANY shopping…just no time. It’s amazing what you have to carry with a baby.) Paul stands up and says ‘Where’s the key?’. We started unloading. He had the key when we first arrived at the car, because we had to unlock it! Turns out when he put the baby in the carseat, he’d dropped the key in with him.

We leave Zagreb without too much incident and got to the airport…just a bit

We drive to the border and see miles of trucks lined up…and dh had to have the car back by 5pm. We managed to skip ahead of some of the trucks, and then a couple of Eufor vehicles drive up…and Paul gets in behind them! Both dh and the fellow we had picked up work with Eufor too!

It was still quite a while before we got across. Turns out that they were spraying the tires of all vehicles coming through…for Avian Flu I suppose.

We were late getting back to B-L. Our daughters, who’d stayed at home, were wondering what had happened to us, and dh’s co-worker (the one waiting for the car) was nearly late for work.

So that was our day. I’m sorry you ended up being one of the victims. I do hope we have another opportunity to do this.

We did see the square, and it would be a great place to meet…right by the horse. Next time I can plan better as I know how long stuff is supposed to take!


To this information, by way of apology, my friend responded that she had never received any phone call or message from me. Neither had she spoken to me.

So now we’re left wondering who on earth we were talking to!

We have learned that we cannot make calls from our cell phone in Croatia, which was the problem we were having. This doesn’t, apparently, prevent us from receiving calls! This is funny because in an email before we left, my friend speculated as to what sort of technology we might or might not have.

And aside from my email friend, there is someone else out there who thinks I’m completely bonkers…

That was one strange day


Blogger Ivana said...

Dear Jaye,

no, I don't think you're bonkers att all :) But, still, what a funny situation it must have been! LOL...

Anyway, next time we have to prepare better for a meeting ;-)

Talk to you soon,

10:16 am  

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