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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dh and I were wandering around downtown yesterday evening. It was very warm for the time of year, and certainly warm in comparison to the previous few days.

Many people were out taking advantage of the weather, despite the darkness. Even outdoor café tables were occupied.

The park was no different.

Every day of the week sees two chess games, at least, going on in the park. Two games are life-sized. The game boards are painted on the pavement and game pieces, about 18 inches in height, are stored in large wooden boxes alongside the sidewalk.

I would love to know who keeps the keys for these boxes, which are locked up at night!

Anyway, during the day, especially on weekends, the games can attract quite a crowd. There are often even regular sized games going on on the benches along the sidewalk.

The actual players of a particular game suffer no shortage of advice as to how to make their moves!

What is quite notable about these games is the complete lack of female input. Women do not even observe these games! One weekend, we were walking through the park and dh wanted to have a look at the game in progress. He peered over a man’s shoulder. The man turned slightly, as if to admit dh to the clutch…and then the man saw me. We were given a disdainful look and he turned back to the game.

Last night, as we were walking through the park, we were surprised to see a game in progress…just one this time…with a small group of men watching. I suspect this would be one of the last evening games of the season.

Dh noted later that he didn’t think he’d even noticed chess games like this anywhere else he’d been here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds so totally cool! Like you are living in story book.
I have seen those on Chess Boards on TV. Wow! K and C from CR

1:49 pm  

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