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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, we're another day closer...and my nerves are getting edgier. Some sleep would be nice. I'm sure I could handle things a lot more efficiently if I could open my eyes all the way!

I'm new to international travel. Heck, I've only been on a large jet on one other trip. And now I'm doing it with three kids in tow.I've heard stories about parents travelling alone with children and how tough it can be to get across international borders. I suppose if someone were attempting to kidnap my child, I would appreciate this diligence. As it is, it's just one more bit of bureaucracy to deal with. So dh is supplying me with a letter giving me permission to travel with our children.

And we still have one dose of Twinrix to get.But I managed to get a number of little things out of the way today, so it was productive.I have a small business selling Catholic books and gifts. Of course, I will be mothballing this while I'm gone, as I do not (yet...) have a website. But today was my absolute cut off for there was that last minute flurry of orders going in. I"m sure the distributor I was talking to will be glad to see me go after this past week! I am hopeful that I've left myself enough time to receive these orders and distribute to my customers...and of course to get my GST return done for this quarter!

While we're gone, our eldest son will be minding the fort. I'm not concerned about wild parties, and he's already starting to keep an eye on the utility bills, so I'm sure they'll be okay.I am a little concerned about the house turning into a science experiment while we're gone. Ds's personal space tends to exhibit his rather relaxed view of housekeeping!

Well, this blog has already caused a reunion of sorts! I sent notice of its existence to a family related to my husband and quickly recieved an update on the family. We haven't heard from each other in several years now.

Greetings to the Victoria connection!

Tomorrow I will be visiting with a friend. I am looking forward to this. We always have a good time when we're together.

And in the 'Pennies from Heaven' department...Last night I was out strolling with our three youngest children. Our baby is way too old to not be walking. Someone suggested that we get him a toy he can hang on to and 'walk' with. I was reluctant as we will be here such a short time and will not be able to take it with us.Well, as we were going through the neighbourhood, what did we see on the curb for "garbage" pick-up but one of those little ride-em cars that can double as a walking toy? It was completely intact, if rather well-loved.It has now been scrubbed and loving decorated by the older siblings. Now we just have to convince the baby how to use it!

Good night and God Bless!


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