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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hello Family, Friends, and those who just happened to land here from cyberspace...

Finally got a little news from our son regarding his activities. He's keeping busy!

He finally told us that he was in a car accident in MAY...wasn't badly hurt, fortunately. He may not realize how fortunate. Apparently the local hospitals are not exactly what he find at home!

He has done some partying in the residences of the local university, and has apparently claimed the land their for Canada!

He has met a number of local women, but the one woman he seems to bump into the most often is one woman (and their are probably not many like her) who cannot stand EUFOR. She scowls whenever she sees him. Oh well...

Last week he told us he has infiltrated the local castle. All it took was dropping down a well and crawling under some barbed wire...I might add that he's doing this alone and at night. I hope he doesn't end up breaking a leg. He could be there a long time.

And just to make mum grow a few more grey hairs, he's off shooting M-16s with the Green-Howards this weekend.

Never a dull moment!

God Bless


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