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Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello All

A fair bit of news from the Balkans today. Montenegro (aka Crna Gora)has voted to leave the Serbia-Montenegro partnership. This is the last of such associations left from the Yugoslavian part of their history.

And dh managed to have a lengthy MSN conversation with our son...finally.

He appears to be having a blast, finding out just where there are people who speak English, and finding out where the pretty girls are.

There is no shortage of pretty girls!

The woman at the Apoteka (pharmacy...where he was picking up some throat drops) told him he needed to go and have a big serving of chevapi...which he has apparently done.

He is apparently wowing those at work with his computer skills. Good for you!

And lo and behold, he has friends coming to visit him! He has apparently connected with some of his 'gamer' buddies who live in Europe.

Of course mum and dad are just a WEE bit concerned, but ds (dear son) maintains he knows them well.

He tells us that he will have the Kiwi (New Zealander) watchman on speed dial while he's busy showing them around!

He's encountered another glitch. Before he left, ds went to change his bank account so that he could remove more than $100. daily from his bank account. $100 was the limit he had when it was a youth account. Well, the change didn't happen. So getting his rent out every month takes a week! And I must remind him that it also costs him $5.00 for every transaction...

Ds also seems to have adapted to driving in B-L. He says it's no harder than driving in downtown Ottawa. Hmmm. might be so, but I don't like driving in Ottawa either! And at least in Ottawa, you can be reasonably certain the cars are in running order and that people will obey the rules of the road.

In Ottawa you don't have to give right of way to a horse and cart though!

God Bless


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