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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Well this has been quite a Summer. With the flurry of activity which has surrounded my husband's departure for Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), our eldest daughter's graduation from highschool and the resultant, albeit welcome guests, eldest daughter's departure for points West, yet more guests, and travel plans for our three youngest children and me to join my husband in BiH, I feel like my head is spinning...

It has gone so fast.

In two weeks, we will be leaving for Banja Luka. We now all have passports, the tickets for the second leg of our journey and sensible shoes for all the walking we will probably be doing in the time we are there.

We're now in the process of deciding what to pack. 20kg each isn't a lot, and actually our youngest, as an infant, has no luggage allowance at all except the diaper bag.

Our perceptions of the country to which we are going for something like three months are pretty much solely formed by what my husband (dh) has told us and the pictures he has sent. We also have friends and aquaintances who have served over there during military service.

The 'reviews' are very consistent. The country is beautiful. It has suffered, along with the rest of the 'former Yugoslavia', from the war in the Balkans. The politics are confusing and inextricably linked to religious affiliation, either Serbian Orthodox, Muslim, or Roman Catholic. Interestingly, the language you speak is also linked to your religious affiliation. We will find ourselves among the small, 1% minority of Roman Catholics.

Dh tells me that he carries 4 different currencies in his wallet. There's the Euro, of course, the local km (konverted mark), the kuna, which is Croatian, and the American Dollar.

This indicates to me that the Euro has not accomplished, yet anyway, what it has set out to accomplish.

While we are in BiH, we will be homeschooling our two youngest daughters. We're going light and taking with us only English, Math and Religion. We will be learning Serbian over there, and will likely be having voice lessons for one of our daughters. We expect to absorb history while we're there, and everything else we will pick up when we return to Canada.

I'm also told that the shopping is very good!

So, this is my first 'blog post! I hope this helps those who are interested in our meanderings keep up with us. We definitely won't have as much access to the 'net once we're over there as we do now, so keeping up otherwise might be a problem.

God's Blessings be with you!


Blogger WICatholic said...

Looking forward to hearing about your time there! Have a safe trip and DO keep in touch!

2:37 pm  
Blogger Ivana said...

Hi, JP,

best wishes to you and your family. Bosnia is a nice country, you'll see.
I look forward reading your reflections about all the stuff going on here :)
If you have some questions during your stay, e-mail me, please!

May God bless you,
Ivana /cc2/

2:32 pm  

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